About Solstice investment group of companies

Our team of experts and crypto specialist helps our investors in reaching their goals of investment, by making our website easy, safe and reliable to invest in. This makes us one of the leading investment platforms accross the globe.

We specialise on so many type of Cryptocurrency investment, our aim is to help investors invest confidently in crypto and earn on a daily basis.

The company was founded in November 2015, and announced to be an investment platform in 2019, due to our willingness to help our customers to make daily profits from crypto, and over the time we have registered over a million investors all over the world.

Cryptocurrencies offer benefits in terms of security, privacy, fast settlement times, low costs, cross-border payments, diversification, potential high returns, and 24/7 liquidity.

Cryptocurrency offers a unique opportunity in the history of finance. Thanks to the power of the internet and blockchain technology, it's now possible to send direct and secure payments globally. But the benefits of crypto go far beyond its borderless and decentralized nature.

We give more security to our investors cryptocurrencies by helping them stabilize their funds and help prevent any fraudulent activities in their wallet, this is what makes a good platform to invest in, we care much about the safety and well being of all our investors.

Solstic is barked by the international blockchain managent and also by the European bank union, Solstic is also distributes electricity and energy to some part of the world, for some investors who will be wondering how the company generates funds for our investors.

We have our customer care service and our workers working in the company's admistration working 24/7 available to assist our investors and explain all about the company and also to provide any information needed by our investors.

Our website is made very easy for our investors to understand and be able to make their deposit and withdrawals with some other activities.

We understand the importance of convenience when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. Each client feels comfortable depositing and withdrawing money through their own preferred method. For this reasons we adopted some methods of deposit and withdrawal bitcoin,etherum,usdt,payeer,BNB, tron and perfect money we operate an automatic instant Payment method. We will ensure that the processes are fast and uncomplicated so there will be no need to worry about missing trading opportunities or experiencing delays in getting your money back. You’ve done your homework, our team of specialists is working around the clock and we are regularly adding new ways for you to deposit or withdraw your funds. you can start by funding your account with solsticeigoc doesn’t charge any fees when you fund or withdraw from your account. We have a trusted withdrawal processing policy insured with the UK treasury board.

Solsticeigoc operates a decentralized payment system in which blockchain plays a central role, all investment accounts in Solsticeigoc are affiliated under the control and transparency of the international blockchain trading machine, this smart contract structure is ideal for the executing investment agreements so that all participants are satisfied with the result without wasting time, the secret to making good profits in cryptocurrency mining is to invest with the right company, Solsticeigoc also work under the management of the international blockchain management IBM, which helps us monitor and secure every transactions being made by all our investors.